Our Services


Consultations may be sought after regarding a design, maintenance of a certain plant or how to care for an entire garden. Any concerns regarding the health of your plants may also be discussed to decide what course of action to take.


A design for any size garden is welcome. Whether it be only part of an existing garden that is needing to be modified or your entire property, large or small, needing a complete transformation, we will accommodate all needs. We will focus on the details to ensure that your vision and your personality are integrated into the design. As well as discussing logistics regarding the cultural needs of plants that we use.


A quote will be given before work begins. Depending on size of garden and scope of work, you may have only myself to install garden or a small team of 2 or 3 experienced gardeners to implement the heavier tasks.

In most cases, the existing soil will need amending with a compost/manure blend. This practically guarantees the health of the plants. After planting, mulch is strongly recommended to suppress weeds, hold in moisture and insulate plants for the winter. Not to mention its’ aesthetics. Thorough cleaning when finished.

Container planting for each season is also offered using a mixture of tropical, perennial and annual plants.


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